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Songs of Praise

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Songs of Praise is a Service held every month at St Philip & St Etheldreda on the 1st Monday

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The service, which was started in 2004,  runs for half an hour for those for whom a normal service may be a bit long, and in the afternoon (starting at 2.30 pm to be a convenient time for people.

(Photo: Nigel Wallace)

It is led by a lay person (i.e. not one of the clergy) who chooses a theme for the service with a short talk and hymns that are popular with the congregation. the church is usually full.

..............or taxi

People arrive by car, on foot,......or can arrange tp be picked up by "Dial-a-bus" .............

A cup of tea and chance to chat is an important part of the afternoon
From time to time there are special events such as the Songs of Praise Tea April 26, 2010 (Photo Marion Roberts).........................
...................or the 8th birthday on July 2, 2012


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