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The church of St Martin, Exning dates from the late 12th Century. It has regular worship at 11 am every Sunday morning as well as other servcies.

It is a Grade 1 listed building, is situated in the centre of the village of Exning in a conservation area, in a large churchyard. The approach to the church from the West end through the churchyard is up a steep slope, reflecting the elevation of the church above the rest of the village of Exning. Until recently the church was clearly visible from the A14 Newmarket bypass, but this view has now been somewhat restricted by the erection of sound-reducing barriers on the road. At night the church is floodlit, the floodlights being a gift in memory of a local landowner’s wife.


Work go

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Both St Martin's Church (right/below) and Exning Community Church Hall (below right) have undergone refurbishments and improvements in 2010 for even more effective use.

But a Church is not the building, it's the people and here's what people say "St Martin's" means to them:

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For various events that have taken place please see the "Past Events" page

Lots of pictures of St Martin's outside and in snow

...and from the air [Photo: John Saville]

The new position for the plaque of those who fell in the world wars. This was first used during the Remembrance Day service 2008




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