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A wide variety of music is used in the Churches.


At most services we use Mission Praise as a hymn book with some use of other modern worship sings.

Congregational singing is usually led by the organs in each Church, but a music group plays regularly.

Photo: John Saville Photo: John Saville
Christine Conway-Jarrett -- Director of Music and organist at St Martin's David Pugh -- Assistant Director of Music and organist at P&E
The "Soundbites" Band in April 2016 -- playing at the first occasion of the new style Family Worship
Photo: Ben Williams
Once a month at St Martin's
(normally 2nd Sunday)
and St Philip & St Etheldreda
(normally 3rd Sunday), the worship is supported by a Music Group.
Photo: Ben Williams Photo: Ben Williams
Instrumentation which may include: keyboard & guitar, piano, flute, & trumpet
Photo: Ben Williams
& violin Brass
Photo: Ben Williams Photo: Alan Shand
The music group at a Christmas Service in 2007 Music Group at Newmarket Hospital Carol Service
During the Summer School Holidays we have held a "Music Week" which includes various craft activities as well as learning songs and music from a specific "show" culminating in some of these being performed at a special service.

2009: Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo

2010: "Joseph & his Technicolor Dreamcoat"

2011: Jonah Man Jazz


The Churches helped to initiate with others in Exning, and continue to support, Music Builds Communities which aims to "bring people together through Music".
There are a range of activities to help both beginners and accomplished musicians to:

  • * Learn Together

  • * Play Together

  • * Sing Together &

  • * Perform together

Contact info:
Phone:     07527- 305664



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