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Peter Gill

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Peter Gill was ordained at St Edmundsbury Cathedral

as Deacon on Sunday July 4, 2009 and made a Priest there on Saturday June 26, 2010

( photos: MR = Marion Roberts, Others = John Saville)

Peter wrote to his friends at St Martin's, Exning and St Philips & St Etheldreda, Newmarket:

"Thank you all for making Saturday and Sunday (June 26/7, 2010) such a special time for me and all my family, for your cards, gifts and affirming words, but most of all for your prayers for Lesley and myself.

This is just a sign post on our journey together in God's work in our parish. You have shared the journey with me and given me so much support and encouragement  without which I would not have accomplished this work for Jesus.  I am minded of St Paul's words that we are "fellow workers in Christ." The journey together continues, and I look forward in anticipation as to how God will guide and use all of us in the weeks and months ahead to carry out his will for St Martin's benefice. I have all of you to thank and two I will mention.

To Jenny Oakman for acting on your behalf as my "Sponsor" at the Cathedral, which took great courage, and through the time of study, showing great concern for my well being.

And to Lesley. This journey together has meant a great change in our family life, a change neither of us could have anticipated. As I said at St P&E on Sunday, 36 years ago she married an accountant and last Saturday night she went to bed with a priest.

I give thanks to God for all he has accomplished this far in our lives, and for all of you. Help me to keep my head out of the clouds and my feet firmly on the ground so we can continue the journey together in the loving arms of our Saviour Jesus.


“Deacon in waiting (MR) “Now Pastor Pete”  (MR)

  Bishop of St Edmundsbury (MR)
Peter with his wife Lesley (2nd right) daughters and son-in-law and mentor Revd Tony Marsh and his wife Moreen
Tony was Vicar of All Saints Beyton and St Ethelberts Hessett 1980 to 1986(MR) Cedric (former vicar of Exning) with the current clergy team Peter, Joyce and Colin (MR)
Below are pictures of Peter with various friends
  with Jenny Oakman who acted as Peter's Sponsor on behalf of the church
...and others who attended this great occasion...









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