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Christingle & Crib

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Christingle Service

Christingle Services originated in the Moravian Church. originating in 1747. The major introduction in England was in 1968 and now many services are held across the country, usually raining funds for The Children's Society which introduced the idea to England.

In Exning we have held a Crib and Christingle Service for several years at St martin's which is packed with families

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The Christingle is symbolic and consists of:
  • an orange representing the world with
  • a red ribbon around it representing the blood of Jesus
  • fruits and sweets (usually dolly mixtures) are skewered on 4 cocktail sticks which are pushed into the orange representing the fruits of the earth and the four seasons
  • and a lighted candle is pushed into the centre of the orange representing Christ, the light of the world




Dec 24, 2007  see also Dec 24, 2009 & Dec 24, 2014

Everyone was greeted with a Christingle The Church quickly filled
-- but who was the shepherd asleep at the front The children were invited to the front

 .......... where the shepherd gave them a first hand account of the story of Jesus' birth

So the moment came when the Christingle candles were lit ...... and children of all ages were part of the celebration......

Dec 24, 2008  (Photos by Marion Roberts)

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